All the quality sound & lighting equipment needed for a
laptop / phone DJ party, delivered and installed at your venue, for your peace of mind!

2000w DJ Party Package 3 - Wedding Disco DJ CD & MP3 Laptop / Party Sound & Lighting Equipment - £200 per day

DJ Party Package 3 image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire
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500w DJ Party Package 1

1000w DJ Party Package 2

Recommended for larger DJ or MP3 player based events in venues of up to 120 - 200 people. Perfect for bass driven music.

All the quality disco equipment you need for a DJ / i-Pod or Laptop based party in easy to hire cost saving packages.

2000w Party Package 3 comes with a pair of Logic Systems speakers with 2 1200w bass bins and 2 300w 1090 top speakers that are pole mounted for ultimate listening pleasure and dancing to bass heavy dance music. A Pro Pioneer DJ console with a 10 input mixer and 2 Pioneer CD decks to play and control your chosen music source. Also included is a cabled SM58 microphone for speeches and announcements, a laptop stand and led console lighting. For party atmosphere a great light-show on a 1.5m goal post stand with 2 sound activated disco lights and a FREE multi-point laser worth normal price £25!

All our Party & Lighting Packages can be delivered and safely installed at your chosen venue by our friendly sound engineers, taking the worry out of your event. We will sound check and show you how to use the equipment before we leave you to enjoy your special event and return to collect our equipment at the end. We provide all PAT tested power cables and equipment and safely secure all trailing cables. Delivery and install is charged at 50p per mile for the 2 return journeys necessary.

Party Power PA MP3 compatible Party PackagesAll of our Party Packages are CD & MP3 player and laptop compatible. If you've got an MP3 player, e.g. an iPod, or a laptop simply bring it along with its power supply and playlist, just plug it in and play!

Each of our very popular Party Packages is designed to meet the needs of different sized budgets and venues.

The smaller 500w Party Package 1 is suited to parties up to 80 people.

The medium Party Package 2 has a powerful 1000w bass heavy speaker system and lights for medium sized events. All Party Packages now come with a FREE Galaxy multi-point laser for a fantastic light-show!


2 x 1200w Logic Systems Bass/Sub Speakers & 2 x 300w 1090 (pole mounted) Top Speakers & Amplifier System - Normal Price £180

Party Power PA Lighting Hire Nottingham 1200w 300w Bass speakers pair

Logic Systems are British designed and built speakers of the highest quality giving the best possible listening experience to our customers. This musically accurate and bass heavy pole mounted system has a 1200w CS1290b 2 x 15" bass/sub speaker cabinet and a pole mounted 300w CS1090 mid/hi-frequency speaker per channel and is rated at 2000 watts. The best power amplifiers by Chevin or MC2 are supplied flight-cased with a DBX limiter speaker protection system and speaker cables.

Pioneer Pro DJ Console - DJM 3000 Mixer with & CMX 3000 CDJ's - Normal Price £50

Pioneer DJM 3000 Mixer & CMX 3000 CDJ - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire

This high specification Pioneer Pro DJ Console is ready for your i-pod, laptop playlists or CD music.

The Pioneer DJM3000 10 input mixer is at the heart of the console where the sound levels from each music source are controlled and mixed. This mixer comes with 2 input jacks for a mp3 player and laptop. The input socket, level and equalisation controls for the Shure SM58 microphone is also on this mixer. The DJM3000 is packed with professional features and effects and also has spare inputs for Technics 1210 vinyl turntables or other audio sources.

The Pioneer CMX3000 dual CD players offer excellent pro DJ beat mixing control and effects as the industry CDJ 1000 CD turntables in a 19" rack format. NOTE: Our Pioneer CMX3000 CD decks will only play standard audio CD's not mp3 file discs.

A laptop stand and LED console lights completes the DJ tool kit.

Pioneer CMX-3000 Pro Dual 19" CD Players

CMX 3000 Technical Specifications (click to show/hide)

Following hot on the heels of the launch of the revolutionary CDJ-1000 Pioneer has drawn on their vast knowledge of the CD market to produce the next generation twin CD player, the CMX-3000 - pure Pioneer pedigree focused squarely at the DJ. Stylishly designed - with rubberised buttons and a black carbon finish - the CMX-3000 boasts an unbelievable feature set.

The CMX-3000 offers a host of other benefits, such as

  • Quick Start (less than 0.01 sec)
  • Super Fast Track Search /Super Fast Song Search
  • Auto BPM Counter/Tap BPM Counter
  • Time Mode (Remain/Elapse)
  • Manual Cue / Auto Cue / Real-time Cue / Back Cue / Cue Point Sampler
  • Fader Start
  • Relay Play
  • Digital Outputs

Wave Display

The CMX-3000 reads the track volume level and reproduces the data as a Wave display, which is patented by Pioneer. A visual mapping of the landscape of each track is represented in the display panel, denoting the highs and lows, allowing the DJ to quickly find breaks in the tracks to guarantee accurate cueing.

Data Memory

There is a 1000 CD internal memory, where the DJ can store three cue and loop points per CD, as well as Wave data for up to 20 tracks per CD. The stored data can also be copied to other CMX-3000 CD players. When the 1000 CD capacity is reached, the CMX-3000 automatically deletes the CD information based on the amount of usage.

Scratch Mode

The CMX-3000 has been equipped with a high-quality Scratch Mode, which allows scratching, scratch cueing and backspinning.


The new jog dial measures 11 cm and is now a two-piece design to allow greater visibility of the display. A new dot matrix display delivers clearer and brighter status information. The buttons are made from hard wearing rubber and are illuminated for ease of use.

Emergency Loop

This is a world first, with a new patent - an innovative feature that sets a four-beat seamless loop at the touch of a button. This feature is indispensable if a track is about to end and the DJ has failed to cue up the next track.

Hot Cue & Loops

Now even Cue/ Loops can be saved to any of the three banks available for each CD. These can be recalled instantly at the touch of a button.

BPM Sync

Hitting this button synchronizes the BPM between CD 1 and CD 2, making beat matching easy and ideal when overdubbing on a track.

Pitch Bend

Pitch bending can be achieved by using either the Pitch Bend buttons or the Jog Dial.

Slot Loading

Designed principally for ease of CD changing, it will also reduce the risk of accidental damage to the player.

CD Text

CD track title information can be read on the display.

Master Tempo

Pioneer's legendary Master Tempo feature offers ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and WIDE (±100%) ranges.

BPM Display

The CMX-3000 also displays current track BPM.

Tempo Sliders

The CMX-3000 also features new improved 60mm Master Tempo sliders, with a high specification and better quality (adjustment in ±6% is now 0.05%).

Seamless Loop

No Pioneer CD player would be complete without a Seamless Loop, which offers the same adjustment as the legendary CDJ-700S.


The CMX-3000 has also taken another key feature from the CDJ-1000. Via Autocue, the sound level can be changed to suit the style of music.

Shock Proof

The CMX-3000 has 15 seconds of shockproof memory.


The CMX-3000 will play commercial CDs, CD-R and CD-RW formats.

Legato Link

The trademark for high quality sound, only Pioneer has Legato Link technology. The CMX-3000 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20 kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback.

Pioneer DJM-3000 10 Input 19" DJ Mixer

DJM 3000 Technical Specifications (click to show/hide)

The Pioneer DJM 3000 is the 19" rack equivalent of the DJM800 and is well established as one of the top 10 DJ Mixers.

The DJM-3000 is equipped with an industry-first Effect Mix Mode that accurately effects phrases in a BPM - linked operation along with an improved auto beat effector.

The Auto BPM Counter automatically measures and digitally displays a track's BPM (measurement range: 70-139/91-180/70-180/ Manual ) allowing you to merge one song into another smoothly. Tapping on the TAP button enables you to manually input BPMs of tracks that are difficult to measure. DJ's can now see the music beat, making it faster and easier to mix tracks with different beats.

The DJM-3000 wide range of effects includes Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Pitch Shifter Reverb, Auto-Transform and Auto-Frequency Filter. All of which are auto BPM effectable.

Linked to BPM, the DJM-3000 can add effects to each input (CHANNEL, MIC and MASTER) independently. You can also perform quick setting with the BEAT UNIT SWITCH BUTTON, adjusting the precise time parameters, or controlling the balance between the effect sounds and the original sounds by varying the mix ratio.

Smart sampling The DJM-3000 can begin playback of a track using the sliding cross fader or the channel fader. It can mix tracks without creating spaces by setting the stand-by track's cue point and performing a single-action cut-in.

Since it returns to the cue point via the back fader alone, sampler-style playback is also possible. The cross fader also has a selectable fader curve to fit all styles of DJ'ing.

Cross FaderDJM-3000
Field ReplaceableYes
Booth MonitorYes
Cue Type3
EffectSingle Effect
Beat Effect8
Effect Mix3
Auto BPM CounterYes
Effect Level & Depth VolumeYes
Mic ConnectionNutrik Combo + 1/4" (x 2)
Mic EQ2 band
Mic EQ Range-12 ~ +12 dB
Talkover AttenuatorYes
Dimensions (W x H x D)482 x 107 x 220 mm
SN Ratio: Line87 dB
SN Ratio: Mic69 dB
Harmonic Distortion0.02%
Crosstalk: Line70 dB ou plus dB
Power Consumption41 Watt
SN Ratio: Phono77 dB
No. of Channels4
Channel EQ3 band
EQ Range-26 ~ +12 dB
Rotary FadersOptional
Level MeterTypeIndividual
Level Meter Size11 Segment
CD/LINE Input (RCA)7
MIC Input (XLR)1
MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack)2
RETURN (1/4 inch Jack)1
Master Output (XLR)1
Master Output (RCA)1
Booth Output (RCA)1
Rec Out (RCA)1
Digital Out (Coaxial)2 (44.1 kHz)
Send (1/4 inch Jack)1
Master BalanceYes
Stereo/Mono SwitchYes
Level Meter Size11 Segment
Master Out AttenuatorYes
Cross FaderDJM-3000
Cross Fader TypeCarbon Rail
Fader CurveSwitch 3 types
Talkover3 Position Switch
Weight7,1 kg

Galaxy Multipoint 80Mw Red / 40Mw Green Laser - Normal Price £25

Lighting - Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire Galaxy Multipoint

This high quality 6 channel DMX unit with red and green lasers gives an amazing 'sparkling' effect similar to one when a light is shone on a mirror ball generating thousands of laser points over a 180 degree axis that move to the music in auto mode or can be controlled using DMX. Create light wall, light tunnel and cloud sea with a smoke machine or smoke in a can!

Lighting - Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire Galaxy Multipoint

2 x Disco lights with 1.5m 'goal post' lighting stand - Normal Price £62

Disco light with t-bar lighting stand image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire

Choose any 2 of our £25 lights from our lighting page to work alongside the FREE Galaxy laser. Just switch them on to add party atmosphere with multi-coloured beams of light and shapes that move automatically in time with the music! Please contact us for advice on our lighting range to find out what units offer the best coverage and features. Additional lighting units lasers and effects are available for hire from £10 each. Supplied with flight-cases a spare lamp and safety wires.

Click to view the Party Power Lighting page

Sure SM58 Microphone and cable - Normal Price £8

sURE sm 58 image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire

The famous Shure SM 58 industry standard vocal microphone, rugged but sensitive is included with a 6m cable for announcements and speeches and live performance.

If you require a microphone stand and clip or longer microphone cable please ask.

Party Power PA only use highest quality industry standard microphones by Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Oktava & SE to ensure optimum sound quality from the source.

Popular Extras To Boost Your Party Package

Sennheiser EW145 G3 UHF Wireless Microphone Systems - £35 each

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - Sennheiser EW145 G3 UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

Our professional Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Systems give clear crisp vocal reproduction at a wedding speech or live on stage. Wireless allows ease of movement and sharing of the microphone. This microphone rejects feedback, radio and mobile phone interference that affects budget microphones. Sennheiser wireless microphone systems also come with the option of a handheld microphone, a belt pack and lapel microphone or headset microphone.

Technics SL-1210 Mk2 Professional Vinyl Turntable Including Stanton Stylus - £30 each

Pro DJ Equipment Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire tecnics 1210

The Technics 1210 Mk2 vinyl or record turntable is the unrivalled vinyl DJ's choice for over 30 years! No other vinyl deck will do! The Technics 1210 Mk2 vinyl turntable has a tank like build and 4 large adjustable feet giving excellent feedback isolation. The platter speed switches from 33rpm to 45rpm with a sliding ±8 pitch fader for minute adjustments for accurate tempo matching. The classic platter strobe ensures speed accuracy can be double checked. The 1210 deck was the first to feature a Direct Drive motor, quartz movement for total accuracy, adjustable tone arm weights, anti-skate control, a pop-up target light. With each new improvement, as form follows function, the Technics turntable has become a thing of beauty. From the community centres at the beginning of the disco era to the clubs of today, Supplied with a 50 cm long RCA / Phono lead to connect to your mixer and a Stanton 500AL Cartridge with regular stylus replacement to preserve our customers precious record collections and maintain audio excellence!

Technics SL-1210 Mk2 Technical Specifications (click to show/hide)

  • Drive Type: Quartz Direct
  • Tone Arm: S-Shaped
  • Pitch Range: ±8
  • Colour: Black
  • Unique Feature: Vibration dampening rubber base
  • Accessories: Headshell, dust cover, 45 RPM adapter
  • Motor - Brushless DC motor
  • Speeds - 33 ⅓ rpm and 45 rpm
  • Wow and flutter - 0.01% WRMS 0.025% WRMS (JIS C5521) ± 0.035% peak (IEC 98A Weighted) This rating refers to turntable assembly alone, excluding effects of record, cartridge or tone arm, but including platter.
  • Pitch controls - ± 8% Starting torque1.5 kg-cm (1.3 lb-in)
  • Starting time - 0.7s
  • Braking system - Electronic brake
  • Tone arm type - Universal Effective
  • Arm length - 230mm (9 1/16 inch)
  • Dimensions - 453mm x 162mm x 360mm
  • Weight - 11kg
  • Voltage - 220v

Smoke In A Can (smoke detector friendly) £10 each (optional)

Smoke in a can image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire
Fantastic environment and child friendly aerosol smoke effect for use in small rooms or venues with smoke detectors to make the most of your disco lighting effects and laser beams!
  • Create realistic smoke effects without setting off smoke detectors
  • One can will give 5 minutes of smoke
  • Smoke will hang for up to 2 hours in a draught free room
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and ozone safe and with no CFCs
  • Ideal for small parties

  • IMPORTANT! Do not spray directly at the lighting or other electrical equipment

QTX Par 36 DMX LED Colour Wash / Up-Lighters - For Wedding Marquees & Venues
£25 each or £140 for 8 (12 available)

Up lighter Uplighter Colours Party Power PA Nottingham

The perfect mood lighting solution to add ambiance and continuity to your colour theme within a marquee or rooms.

The LED Up-Lighters are discreet and powerful yet with low heat emissions so therefore can be safely positioned near expensive decor and curtains.

Each Up-Lighter can be set at any of the 9 popular colour choices or offer full colour mixing facilities using additional DMX control equipment. Also features automatic programs / static colour / sound activated and DMX control functions for a multitude of uses such as discos and stage lighting.

Available colours are - Red, Green, Blue, Lilac, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pale Green or full spectrum colour mixing via DMX control.