Party Power, Nottingham - Digital Event Recording Service

Never forget the party or live performance of your life?

If it was that good it is likely you will not remember much the next day? A year or more later who knows?

Now you can enjoy your wild birthday celebration again in your car or with your friends. Re live the emotion and perfection of your first dance or laugh at the speeches at your wedding party. Or use the recording of your best live gig or DJ set for making a promotional CD to further your music career.

Our service will digitally capture the highest quality audio from your event. Our engineers and equipment at Party Power are of the highest industry standard so the audio signal and therefore the recording quality will be high. Digital stereo and multi-track recordings can be made please ask and we will do our best to meet any specific requirements.

Standard Stereo Recording Package - £80

Party Power PA DJ Disco hire Nottingham Digital Event Recording Service cd Our standard event recording service includes making the recording using our high quality digital stereo recording equipment that records at up to 96kHz 48 bit sample rate for recordings of up to 8 hours.

Also included is 1 hours of digital audio editing of your recording using 24-bit computer software to remove any unwanted material to produce a final 'master' recording. Your advice during editing and even sitting in during the editing process is welcome.

You will get 2 copies of your event recording (*80 minutes maximum per CD) on professional printed CD format in a presentation CD box.

The CD's are a modern addition to your family or wedding album and to give as gifts to your family, friends or for promotional use to music business contacts.

Each additional CD copy in presentation wallet is priced at £5 each + postage.

*Recordings of events edited to over 80 minutes will vary in price depending on how many CD's are required to fit your product. Please call for a quotation.

Digital Event & Band Recording - 16-Track Digital Recording - from £120

Digital Event & Band Recording - 16-Track Digital Recording - Party Power PA Hire Why not take the opportunity to record your performance through our extremely high quality industry standard PA and sound engineering services for later mix down for promotional use or high quality audio product release.

16 analogue inputs on our Soundcraft Spirit 328 Digital Mixing Consoles are sent direct via 2 24bit ADAT lightpipes to our Focusrite 26 i/o interface with additional 8 Focusrite ultra high quality microphone preamps available. The separate tracks are then sent via Firewire to our Apple Mac Book Pro and recorded separately in Logic Audio software onto our Firewire hard-drive for later editing and mix-down.

Additional Mac based software editing per hour - £20