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Void Acoustics - Stasys Premium 8 Box Concert System - £400 per day

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS

Medium to large sized live venues, large scale touring, arena and stadium sound, live music & dance events of 500 - 1500 capacity. Contact Party Power about larger speaker systems here.

Includes :

The flagship Stasys Series is the definitive aural arsenal for those with the highest level of audio requirements. Equally at home on the largest tours and in the biggest installations, Stasys always exceeds expectations. With an output-to-size ratio among the highest in the industry, Stasys is characterised by tremendous power output and exceptionally low distortion. The enclosures readily form coherent arrays when used in multiples, retaining their inherently smooth response and musical sonic characteristics.

Stasys Series products make use of many of the latest advancements in acoustic design technology. This has only been possible by utilising our extensive R&D facilities and dedicated design team. For example, all X Series products undergo a technique called 'resonance mapping'. Hundreds of small accelerometers are attached to every surface of an enclosure and measurements are taken that allow a 3D colour map of resonant modes and densities to be displayed. This information is then used to determine material selection, pinpoint any problem areas, refine enclosure bracing, and keep structural mass to a minimum while maintaining the highest achievable output with least possible colouration.

Stasys loudspeaker systems represent some of the most advanced and refined audio products available in the world today.

Stasys 3 Mk11 Technical Data (show/hide menu)
Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS

The design is the distillation of a lifetimes work. Most of the technology incorporated in the mk2 version has never been attempted before and is a radical departure from the norm. At the heart of the design is the 'waveformer'. Sound waves enter the horn at varying distances from the transducer via the centrally mounted 'waveformer'. The distance depends on the frequency and also the radiation pattern of the transducer. New types of transducers were developed that emit different frequencies from different locations around their radiation surface. All these locations are then channelled to the 'waveformer' and emitted at a precise distance down the horn.

The benefits of wave forming are enormous. All frequencies reach the mouth at exactly the same time so phase cancellation is virtually eliminated. This provides an extremely flat and uniform response with a very wide bandwidth available from each band. Dispersion characteristics are radically improved due to the 'waveformers' refraction grid, which reduces HF beaming by a significant amount. The mk2 version also incorporates a 2 way passive - 3 way active selector, further enhancing setup flexibility.


Cross FaderDJM-3000
Frequency response120 Hz - 20KHz -3dB
EfficiencyLF : 108 dB 1w/1m
MF : 108 dB 1w/1m
HF : 109 dB 1w/1m
Crossover Point800 Hz - 3.2 KHz
ImpedanceLF/MF/HF 8 ohms
Power HandlingLF 500 w
MF 200 w
HF 80 w
Maximum Output135 db cont
140 db peak
Driver configuration1 x 12" : 1 x 6.5" : 1 x 1"
Dispersion45 h x 35 v
ProtectionHF - Electronic device
MF - Electronic device
Connector2 x 8 pole 1 x 4 pole speakon
Height (mm815
Width (mm)586
Depth (mm)775
Weight (kg)48
Enclosure18 mm 15 laminate plywood
Rigging4 x Aero track proprietary flying system
FinishTextured polyurethane
GrillPerforated steel - foam filter
Stasys X Technical Data(show/hide menu)
Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS

The Stasys X sets the standard for low frequency wide bandwidth loudspeakers. Its design perfectly integrates many new technologies to form a complete one box solution for all low frequency applications.

Horn loading gives the Stasys X its lighting quick transient response and high efficiency, while recently developed resonant chamber technology adds extension down to 35Hz. Stasys X uses a total of five resonant chambers, two connect to its dual horn paths whilst the other three transmit via a series of tuned ducts. Both the resonant chambers and the horns outputs are combined in phase at the wave integrator, which also makes use of horn loading to maximise both long distance projection and efficiency.

Stasys X also features HTT (heat transference technology). Two rear located heatsinks are used to transfer heat from the voice coil and magnet assembly to drastically improve both power compression effects and long term reliability.


Frequency response33 Hz - 200 Hz -3dB points
EfficiencyLF : 105 dB 1w/1m
Crossover PointHi Pass : 30Hz - 24 dB/oct Lo Pass : 110 - 138 Hz - 24 - 48 dB/oct
Impedance4 ohms
Power Handling2800 w
Maximum Output138 db cont
Driver configuration2 x 18" - 125 mm voice coil - neo
DispersionArray Dependent
Connector2 x 4 pole speakon
Height (mm)636
Width (mm)1220
Depth (mm)820
Weight (kg)94

Void Acoustics - 8 Kw Stasys 4 Box Concert PA System - £300 per day

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS

Medium to large sized live venues, large scale touring, arena and stadium sound, live music & bass heavy dance events of up to 400 capacity.

Includes :

Logic System 1296 - 6Kw 6 Box Concert System - £260 per day ( 30+ KW Available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - Logic System 1296 - 6Kw 6 Box

Logic Systems produce high quality British designed & built professional speaker systems. The 1296 is probably their most popular system ideal providing plenty of punch and bass weight with precision and clarity in presence and for live music events and club events of up to 400 people. Can be used together in multiples of up to of 3 pairs or 3 stacks per side for 180 degree dispersion with a massive total power output of 18Kw.

Includes :

Void Basys 2.5Kw Speaker System Hire - £200 per day

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS

Void offer pure excellence in British build and sonic quality. The Basys package elevates the medium power portable system concept to the next level. It is a full range system with exceptional bass response and is ideal for bass heavy music and smaller live band applications in small - medium sized venues of up to 200 capacity. The Void Basys is ideal for smaller events where sound re-enforcement is required for speeches and background music. Each Basys system comprises of a pair of B12 mid hi cabinets, a pair of B15 bass cabinets and Void B3 3 channel amplifier. The system also comes complete with a versatile selection of hardware including, monting poles, wheels, cables, padded road covers and a flight case for the amplifier.

All Basys cabinets are built from 18 mm 15 laminate birch plywood and highest specification drivers are used throughout to provide unsurpassed output levels whilst keeping the systems size and weight down to a minimum

The B12 also features multi-angled sides allowing it to be used as a fold-back monitor whilst its 12 M8 flying points allow for quick and easy rigging in fixed installations.

Void Basys 2.5Kw Technical Specifications


Frequency responseB12 65 Hz - 18 KHz -3dB B15 40 Hz - 200 Hz -3dB
EfficiencyB12 : 99.5 dB 1w/1m
B15 : 98.0 dB 1w/1m
Crossover PointB15 140 Hz & B12 2.2KHz
ImpedanceB12 & B15 8 ohms
Power HandlingB12 300 w
B15 600 w
Maximum OutputB12 124 dB cont
B15 125 dB cont
Driver configurationB12 1 x 12" 1 x 1" B15 1 x 15"
Connector2 x 4 pole speakon
Amplifier Output2 x 400 w rms into 4 ohms 1 x 650 w rms into 4 ohms
Weight (mm)B12 580 B15 580
Width (mm)B12 370 B15 496
Depth (mm)B12 362 B15 550
Weight (kg)B12 20.0 B15 34 B3 22

Logic Systems 1090 2Kw Speaker System Hire - £180

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - VOID ACOUSTICS

This beautiful full range system sounds crisp clean and punchy in the low frequencies. Also supplied with our Party Package 3 for £200 per day (view here)

The Logic Systems 1090 PA is our most popular medium sized pa system that gives highest full range sound quality and a massive 2.5Kw output best suited for live band applications and bass heavy dance music in venues holding up to 200 people. The top speakers are mounted above the floor standing bass enclosures on steel poles for wider sound coverage.

Includes :

Small PA Systems Hire - Including Tripod Stands & Amplifier - From £60

MONITORS CM12 CM15 LS152P image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire

Excellent value for money stand alone speaker systems for DJ monitor systems, speech events, and small to medium music events. DJ decks and mixers or live band mixing equipment and all types of lighting can be hired as extras to suit your requirements. Alternatively, please take a look at our cost saving DJ / MP3 Party Packages here that include the following systems with a Pioneer DJ Console Microphone and Light-Show from £99!

400W Logic CM12 System on Tripod Stands / Chevin or MC2 Amplifier / DBX Limiter From £60

500W Logic CM15 System on Tripod Stands / Chevin or MC2 Amplifier / DBX Limiter From £80

A punchy little system with 15" bass driver and duel concentric 1" high frequency driver suited for vocal applications and music in venues holding 50 people. This system is also available as part of our great value Party Package 1 for £99 per day! Click here to view our Party Package 1.

700W Logic LS152 System on Tripod Stands / Chevin or MC2 Amplifier / DBX Limiter From £100

Our most powerful stand mounted system with good bass response and clear and precise.

1000 W - Logic Systems CM12 & LS115 Bass Bins / Chevin Amplifier / DBX Limiter From £120

This small but powerful full range system with 2 x 300w CM15 tops and 2 x floor standing 600w 15" bass speakers. Suited for live band work and bass heavy dance music in venues of up to 120 people. This System is also available as part of our great value Party Package 2 for £160 per day! Click here to view our Party Package 2

Logic Systems Fold-back & DJ Monitoring Systems Hire £30

Hired as add ons to our 'Live Band PA Packages', 'Party Packages' and larger PA systems only. Each £30 monitor mix comes with 1 Logic Systems monitor speaker of your choice / 1 high quality Chevin or MC2 amplifier with DBX 32 band Graphic EQ and all necessary cables. A tripod stand will also be included with DJ monitors. The Logic Systems CM12 (300w) CM15 (500w) & LS152 Drum Fills (700w) provide high power rating and a clean crisp punchy sound. Designed to cut through giving high quality monitoring for performers even on large stages where large FOH speaker systems are installed.

Minirig - Portable Battery Powered Sound System / Speaker System - £50

Minirig image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire Minirig image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire

The latest truly amazing ultra high quality British designed and built portable PA is The Minirig. This powerful mini speaker system can be connected to any phone, mp3 player, laptop or DJ controller via its 3.5mm input jack. The system includes 2 x 15w Minirig stereo powered speakers that plug into the single powered Minirig 30w subwoofer with all cables included and contained within a Minirig back-pack to transport this very loud mini speaker system anywhere. Each speaker is engineered in aluminium and are individually charged by USB and last for up to 50 hours off a single charge. The Minirig is ideal for parties where mains power is a problem such as beach or garden and outdoor student parties. The stylish look and loud quality sound output is absolutely astounding for a speaker system for its size. The Minirig speakers are designed to be linked together with other Minirig's to increase the overall power output each having its own ultra high quality switch mode amplifier and specially designed and built 3" speaker driver. How can such an amazing sound come out of such small speakers you will ask? Total weight when packed into the back-pack is approximately 2Kg. To find out more watch this video. See more here.

Minirig Technical Specifications

15w Minirig Tech Spec

This graph shows the sound output level in decibels over the frequency range of our hearing - often referred to as the "frequency response"

A flat smooth response with good low frequency extension is desirable, and the MINIRIG achieves this beautifully.

Minirig graph via Party Power PA Hire Nottingham

Dimensions (h x d)72mm x 101.6mm
Driver3 (76mm) with neodymium motor system
Frequency response100 - 20,000Hz (+/- 3db within this range)
Battery life60 hours* (low listening level)
9 hours** (maximum listening level)
Input power5V DC @ 500mA
Charging time6 to 8 hours
Audio input/output2 x 3.5mm jack socket
ConstructionAnodised aluminium and polycarbonate
IP ratingIP54 (estimated) Air tight enclosure with waterproof cone - See more at:
Maximum peak output100db

*Tested using varied music material at average SPL of 60db @ 0.5m (normal listening volume at home)

**Tested using varied music material at average SPL of 90db @ 0.5m (very loud! potentially damaging to hearing)

30w Subwoofer Tech Spec

Dimensions (h x d)213mm x 101.6mm
Driver3 (76mm) long-throw subwoofer with neodymium motor
Frequency response48Hz 150Hz (+/- 3db within this range)
Battery life*50 hours (low listening level)
20 hours (medium listening level)
6 hours (maximum listening level)
Input power5V to 12V DC @ 500mA
Charging time5 to 11 hours (depending on input voltage)
Audio input/output2 x 3.5mm jack socket
ConstructionAnodised aluminium and polycarbonate
FeaturesRGB LED providing status and battery level
On/off switch
Inbuilt low distortion limiter
Air flow optimised folded port
Dual gain levels

Ion Block Rocker - Portable Powered PA - 22W Sound - MP3 / iPod & i Phone dock / Mic / Instrument Inputs - £35 per day

Ion Block Rocker image - Party Power PA DJ Disco Hire

ION Block Rocker Mk 2 is the perfect all-in-one sound system for iPhone, iPod, microphones and instruments that allows you to take your music anywhere. This all-in-one battery powered portable sound system for outdoor parties, BBQs, the beach, camping events where you need high-output, 22 watt speaker system. Plug your iPod into the integrated dock, then crank up your favorite music and rock out for up to 12 hours with Block Rocker's internal, rechargeable battery from a single charge.

It has two ¼ mic inputs for microphone or instrument with their own volume and a Phono / RCA inputs for MP3 connections for many external sound sources . Recessed wheels and retractable handle for portability. Mounts on optional 1 3/8" speaker stands. Heavy-duty construction to withstand heavy use supplied fully charged with a flight-case.

Ion Block Rocker Technical Specifications

  • Output Wattage: (Peak) 22 Watts
  • Output Wattage: (RMS) 15 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 70 Hz~ 20 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • Woofer: 8.0" Woofer rated at 50 Watts, 4 Ohms
  • Tweeter: 1.0" Silk Dome Tweeter rated at 20 Watts, 4 Ohms
  • Battery Type: Lead-acid rechargeable, 12V DC, 5A
  • Input Voltage*
  • EU/UK: AC 220-240V / 50 Hz

Bottom pole mount specifications:

  • Depth 80 mm (3.15")
  • Diameter 35.5 mm (1.40")
  • Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 10" x 14.75" x 18"
  • Product Weight: 28.2 lbs
  • Battery: Time required to fully charge: 6 hours
  • Battery life: Up to 12 hours depending on volume
  • Voltage: 12V